Saturday, January 10, 2015

Imagine a car-free Major Mackenzie, teeming with people!

Before the 2014 Santafest Parade in Maple, as people started lining the route, I took the opportunity to bike along Major Mackenzie from Wonderland to Vaughan City Hall without any traffic.  What great fun to experience this road from a different perspective and without having to worry about traffic zipping past me.

Imagine this street with hundreds of other people running, walking, cycling, rollarblading, dancing, and having fun!  It's called an Open Streets event.

Open Streets are programs where the streets are opened to people and closed to cars. People traffic replaces car traffic, and the streets become “paved parks” where everyone and anyone can come out to get active, improve their health and have fun.

Toronto is doing it.  Thunder Bay is. video | article.  Maybe we'll see this happen in the City of Vaughan one day?  It would be good for community-building, public health, and even businesses along the route.  And it would certainly open some minds and get people out of their cars.

The Rise of Open Streets from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

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