Sunday, January 25, 2015

A January ride in DC

In January 2014, I was in Washington DC for a conference and took the opportunity to take Capital Bikeshare for a spin.  It was actually the most convenient way to go between the conference hotels.  With 2500 bikes and 300 stations, it is more connected and expansive system than Toronto's 800 bikes and 80 stations.  Check out Capital Bikeshare's data page with an impressive performance metrics dashboard.

Here's a look at some of the DC sights and infrastructure from my self-guided tour.

Bike box to get in position ahead of the queue:

Sharrow intersection crossing along a two-way cycletrack:

Bollards and parked cars provide segregation from cars:

Peds watch for bikes:

Cyclists stop for peds:

White House selfie:

I loved these clever graffiti messages on bike lane stop bars:

Crossing a driveway, green dashed bike lane:

 Left-turn lane for cyclists:



This bike was picked clean!

Rock Creek Parkway

All along the path were stations for different exercises.  This one is sit-ups.

Trail crossing.  The refuge island makes crossing easier.

I encountered this bike share station vandalized.

I spotted this solar/pedal-powered trike!  Organic Transit sells them for $5000.  I can dream :)

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