Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cycling the Highway 404 Extension

On Sunday, Aug 17th, 2014, I had the opportunity to cycle the Highway 404 extension from Green Lane in East Gwillimbury to Woodbine Ave/Ravenshoe Road in Georgina before it opened to traffic.  What a great idea for a community event in support of Southlake Regional Hospital.  The 26 km roundtrip through the countryside was envigorating, particularly in seeing so many families out on two wheels!

There was an impressive turnout of both walkers and cyclists, and the starting location was only announced a few days prior to the event.
A few observations:
- The 13km extension cost about $100M (could build a lot of bike lanes!)
- Concrete was used instead of the typical asphalt
- There are four interchanges (Green Lane, Queensville, and Woodbine), each with a commuter parking lot, and Doanne Road (ramps not yet completed)
- I did a quick helmet count that showed about 75% of adult cyclists were wearing helmets.
- The first 1000 participants got a free waterbottle
- Glass Tiger has some awesome hits.  Takes me back to my youth! 

Up the ramp to the start


Waiting for the start


Cycling superhighway

Note that patterned barrier wall

It was a thrill to bike the highway, even if it was just for one day

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