Sunday, August 16, 2015

Toronto Zoo pathway

From Whittamore's Farm (try the scones) on Steeles Ave, at the far reaches of Markham and Scarborough, I rode south through Rouge Park along Beare Rd and Plug Hat Rd to a new Toronto Zoo pathway.  Check it out!

Bike lane on Steeles, unfortunately it's just a short segment, Whittamore's on the left

Beare Rd

Start of the zoo path (notice the use of green at the crossings)


A refuge island mades this crossing easier

I love what the City of Toronto has done with this bridge, adding a cycling path protected by barrier.

Now it's easier to bike to the zoo!

There's a good connection to Conlins Road to cross Hwy 401, leading to a vast network of off-road trails to explore.

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