Friday, September 13, 2013

Missing bridge on the Sutton-Zephyr Rail Trail

Back in May of this year, I checked out the Sutton-Zephyr Rail Trail in Georgina and East Gwillimbury.  It's a 14 km hard-packed gravel trail on a former CN rail bed, passing through quiet wooded areas following the Black River watershed. Holbourne Road/Hwy 48 to Brown Hill to Sutton.  

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The trail is in decent shape, though there were some big ruts at the south end due to snowmobiles. 

Unfortunately, the rumours were true that there is a missing bridge connection about 3km from the south end, and it would take some serious trekking through the bush to find a detour.  Hopefully the Town of East Gwillimbury will replace the bridge soon.

The trail could be promoted more, and perhaps even extended to connect Mount Albert with Sutton.  I only encountered one other person on the trail, who happened to be walking their dog.

Location of missing bridge over Black River.  Note the golf course to the south.

Good sized parking lot at the south end off of Holborn Rd

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